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In Kanpur, there were number of scuffles between protestors and police personnel.

three-wheelers and damaged.

She then led a team to make 542 sandwiches that were given to the St. Patrick Center’s Mobile Outreach team for their lunch.

Mobile internet services have been suspended in Ghaziabad for 24 hours from 10.

Valencia, Mallikatta, Ambedkar Circle in large numbers. The ongoing road development works in some places added chaos.

Fleeing war, poverty, African migrants face racism in Egypt – In the video, taken by mobile phone, the teenagers block the boy’s way.

Reported cases of sexual and gender-based violence.

Large number of political parties and MPs supported its passage.

Dec 16, 2019 08:35 (IST) Is Education Only For Running.

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It’s believed that Josephine Conlon’s attacker was trying to steal her mobile phone when he.

Car crashes Girl who died.

The number of policemen injured were.

that plied on the roads in defiance of the call for the shutdown at the towns of.

Crowds of protesters gathered before his house in large numbers and threw stones. However.

The government also extended.