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Managing her dancing dreams: Dancer Vyshnavie Sainath pursued a management course in her quest to give her art and dance.

The ISC to be held at the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore (UAS-B) GKVK Campus from January 3 to 7, 2020 will also have other events — Women Science Congress, Children Science Congress.

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A black comedy, this movie revolved around four women who were searching for freedom. Despite facing the odds and hurdles in.

PM Modi to inaugurate Science Congress in Bengaluru on Friday – Discussions on 14 contemporary science areas will be the highlight of the conference. The other important parts of event are.

Where to find hot girls in Bangalore??The world of vintage tobacco ads in India – "In colonial India, [as in the West], women became the prime target in cigarette ads.

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Picture by Bhola Prasad The country’s top sport climber in junior-girls’ category.

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